DVD includes:

3 Workouts

  • Vinyasa Flow
  • Deep Stretch
  • Sun Salutation


“Power Flex” Workout

Yoga for Power and Flexibility

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Instructor Anastasiia

Internationally recognized Yoga Instructor Anastasiia guides you through three complete workouts that combine traditional yoga practice with modern styles.

Filmed in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, these workouts offer a wide variety of asanas and sequences.

Vinyasa Flow (35 minutes) Strengthen your legs, core, back, and shoulders with this routine which takes you through combinations of breath-synchronized movements.

Deep Stretching (35 minutes) Increase flexibility in your spine, lower back, hips, and legs while practicing this challenging workout.

Sun Salutation (10 minutes) Filmed in a gorgeous setting on volcanic lava rock, this routine will guide you through a traditional Surya Namascara A and B sequences that will awaken your body and mind. Practicing this workout in the morning will set your day in motion with calming and positive energy.

Watch these gorgeous video samples

  Vinyasa Flow

  Deep Stretching

  Sun Salutation